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Oct 1, 2012 5:09pm EDT
rights. >> reporter: in the afternoon they marked the u.s. chamber of commerce, on the front door steps. they left, saying we'll be back. they walked through mcpherson square, now clean and green. a year ago, the federal park was a tent city where many of them lived for months on end. as they marched down k street, passing a bank of america, they protested the foreclosure crisis. they stopped at pepco headquarters. and now you're looking live at the occupy organizational tent here at freedom plaza. we're told that they have a concert planned here tonight. and then they're going to gather here for a march on the veterans administration a few blocks away to demand more health care benefits for the -- those who served in afghanistan, iraq and the war in vietnam. that's the latest from freedom plaza, chris gordon, news4. >>> when we come back, a frantic tweet jolts the twitter sphere today into action. a teenaged girl said there's someone in her house. now police say they have a witness to what they say really happened. >>> and the d.c. council tries to clear up confusion about the to clear
Oct 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
from freedom plaza to the u.s. chamber of commerce and to pepco. >> fight fight fight, fight the rate hike. >> reporter: police followed behind the demonstrators as they disrupted traffic. at 1 point one protester tried to make his way into a corporation. many looked on as the protesters walked by. some even showed their support. demonstrators say their goal is to make sure people what were the fight is about and to make sure their voices are heard. >> i was a part of the civil rights movement and this is nowhere near as intense, but i see the dedication, the same dedication. so i'm glad to see it. i'm glad to see it hasn't died. >> reporter: now this is part of the so-called week of resistance. so the people out here today will be out here every day this week to get out their message. in northwest washington, 9news. >>> a decade after the sniper attacks this terrorized our area and left a trail of bloodshed one of the two men responsible for the violence has spoken from behind bars in a rare interview published by the washington post sunday. convicted sniper lee malvo describes him
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2